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We Have the Numbers

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

This poem and essay was written by a REAL Revolutionary Leader. He is dedicated to revolution against injustice. He has spoken to us about how the Ferguson uprisings helped radicalize him and his family. As such, we decided to use this iconic photo from the uprisings in 2014 as the thumbnail photo for his work. As the violence of the state continues to intensify, he reminds us in the following poem and essay that "revolution is the only solution."

We have the numbers.

They have the power.

They are powerless without our numbers.

I say we take their power and give it to our numbers.

That right there is socialism.

They won’t go easy.

Tragedies will be endured.

But these casualties will not be one-sided.

I thank these people for putting us through this.

It’s made us tough and resilient.

Now it’ll come back and bite them in the ass.

But nothing will happen if we sit back.

Words are loud.

Actions are louder.

I Will Not Stand For This.

Revolution Is the Only Solution

George Floyd

Revolution Is the Only Solution

Michael Brown

Revolution Is the Only Solution

Rodney King

Revolution Is the Only Solution

Fred Hampton

Revolution Is the Only Solution

Emmett Till

Revolution Is the Only Solution

Do you believe in change? Do you believe in Fairness? Do you believe in Basic Human Rights? If you said yes to any of these then by default you do not believe in the prison system. If you believe that the US prison system is for changing its inmates, is fair, or believes in basic human rights then I would bet good money that you’ve never been incarcerated or had anyone close to you be incarcerated. If we want this to change then Abolition is necessary, for the current DOC structure has all the power and is not willing to change. So we must deconstruct it completely and start from scratch. This alone is not possible because the prison system is not only in a physical prison setting. No, the prison system starts in almost all low-income lives. If you’re born into low-income, then you are most likely surrounded by low-income (Ghettos). And along with low-income comes drugs, and desperateness. Desperateness to escape low income, so desperate times call for desperate measures. Many times people resort to illegal activities to make money, because the only jobs that will hire a young person from the “Ghetto” don’t pay enough to support someone’s life. Then these illegal activities lead to arrests which lead to Prisons. Then many times when someone does finally get some money, another desperate person comes and takes it. Which starts beef, which often times leads to violence. This is another way our government is turning us against each other, to distract us from them and their sneaky ways. They do this to keep the majority on bottom and them on top.

I cannot stand for this. We need to Abolish the prison system, but since the prison system is installed and ran through our lives by the government, we must abolish our government. Yes, I mean literally. This is a difficult task, but we have the numbers, we have the heart. They may have a military, but we are who they enlist. Without realizing it they put us in a position of power. Without us they fall. Some are brainwashed and will fight for the enemy. I can’t speak for everybody, but I’d die doing this, fighting for this. I’d rather be gunned down young while I’m fighting for what’s right than to grow old and die after having to endure living under these people’s control.

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