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"I am a revolutionary"

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

This essay was written by a REAL Revolutionary Leader. He is dedicated to revolution against injustice. We're publishing his essay on the anniversary of the Attica rebellion of 1971 and are using an image from the liberated zone during that struggle as a thumbnail photo since we believe this essay follows in the lineage of the Attica rebels in outlining the ongoing oppression of incarcerated people and the path towards liberation.

I am a revolutionary against what is unjust. Therefore, I am a revolutionary against a monopolized America. I am against having to work for people then paying those same people part of my salary (taxes), and then having to pay for my education (which goes to those same people) just so I can make money to pay more taxes, buy more health care, and live “comfortably.” I am a revolutionary against a government that benefits from imprisoning its own people. A government that sets up incarcerated people to either die in prison or die on the streets. I am a revolutionary against a country that has set up generations of Black and brown people, starting with slavery that carries trauma for generations, for a traumatized person is more likely to cause trauma for their children. Then once “free” they were pushed into extreme poverty, where they were forced to undergo more trauma. And due to this extreme poverty, these people often had no other choice but to break the law just to feed and support their families. Then once Black and brown people were given their rights to be normal citizens, instead of 2nd or 3rd class, they were still separated in almost every other way other than slavery. They were still restricted to certain schools, restrooms, stores, and systematically they were still subjected to poverty. And subjected to “low-income” neighborhoods because of poverty. Then crack/cocaine and heroin were “strangely” pushed into these neighborhoods, in which case almost all evidence points towards the government. I am a revolutionary against a system that is called America, a system that pits its own people against one another, a system that tells you that it is best and that it is protecting you. The truth is that we’d be better off without it. And as a revolutionary, that is what I fight for. A life without a system that drags me and everyone else who isn’t a super elite down. I fight for true equality. I fight to educate the people on the truth. I fight no matter the odds, for I fight for what I believe in. My beliefs make me a revolutionary. And if you believe all these truths that I’ve listed, which are all supported by factual history, then you too are at heart a revolutionary. All you need to do is fight for what you believe in, are you willing to fight for what you believe in?

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