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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

This short essay was written by a REAL Revolutionary Leader. He is dedicated to revolution against capitalism, imperialism, and the prison industrial complex. The thumbnail image is untitled by an unknown artist.

As an incarcerated person, I’ve grown to hate the word “Reform.” I’ve been incarcerated as a juvenile for the better part of the last four years. I’ve been witnessing the state’s “new” approach to incarceration. It seemed promising at first, but now I see it for what it really is. It’s a word, a word backed by distraction. It’s equivalent to a doctor giving a patient morphine just to let them die. Yes, it’s easier to do time while you’re doing it, but when you get out you still have to deal with what comes with doing time. Because a couple extra hours out of your cell, some decent soap, and a few volunteers doesn’t mean you’re not in prison. It just means you’re in prison with soap, volunteers, and a couple hours spent in a larger locked room. These words like “reform” are just words to make it seem like prison’s getting better, but as it’s set up right now, prison can’t be bettered. However, prison is proven to ruin lives. So since prison won’t change and millions of lives will be ruined through it, then we must eradicate the penal practices we have now. ABOLITION NOW!!!

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